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XELLA B&H d.o.o. Tuzla
  • XELLA International, the company from Germany whith assets in more than 30 countries, with 8.500,00 employees and with annual trade estimated at 1,4 billion euros during year 2008 became the major owner of a Company Siporex DD from Tuzla.

  • XELLA BH d.o.o. from the year 2009 produces construction material of the best quality, namely "YTONG". The company expanded its market structure on the whole Bosnian teritory.

  • It is important to highlight that products quality control is established on a daily basis i periodical certifications by leading domestic and european quality control institutes. YTONG Brand start to be noted as a well recognized brand on domestic market.

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  • Nikole Tesle3
    75 000 Tuzla
    Bosna i Hercegovina

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